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The industry is constantly changing and evolving, Alltech Coppens prides itself on being at the forefront of new developments within the sector. With this in mind, we have reformulated all of our koi feeds to now include insect meal!

‎The sustainable wellbeing of our environment.

Our primary reason for doing this is one of the industry’s — if not the world’s — biggest concerns: the sustainable wellbeing of our environment. By replacing fish meal with insect meal, we can develop our feeds more sustainably. But the sustainable development of our koi feed is only the beginning of a major overhaul in the way we produce fish feed. Moving forward, we intend on incorporating insect meal in more of our fish feeds.

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A step in the right direction

Our new products, such as Midori, an insect-meal-based koi feed, are fish feeds for the future. Furthermore, research shows that replacing traditional fish meal with insect meal has no adverse effect on feed quality. So, you get the same high-quality koi feed, with the added advantage of increased sustainability.

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Using insects

In the wild, a lot of fish naturally eats insects. Fish find insects very tasty and easily digestible. Most importantly, insects contain all the essential nutrients that most fish require.

Insect meal even has the upper hand on other alternatives for traditional fish meal and oil, like plant-based feed. This form of fish feed does not always offer an optimal amino acid profile and can contain anti-nutrients. The ingredients used in plant-based feed are also often not as sustainable as insect meal.

Market developments

Our market is continuously changing. As we see in other animal food markets, the future is calling for alternative protein sources. Many companies around the world have begun producing insect-based feeds for cattle, dogs, cats and other animals. With this in mind, we want to move together with our customers toward a future that is both profitable and sustainable for all parties involved.