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4 feed features every angler should know!

If you are serious about catching a lot of fish from lakes and rivers, the right feed or bait is key. Good angling feed can make the difference between a high and poor catch rate, catching and not catching.

There is no doubt about it; for years, fish have regularly encountered many feed variations. As a result, they recognise it as a solid source of food. However, do they have a preference when it comes to appearance, palatability, and density? Also, what are the important factors to consider when angling during colder periods?

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Here are 4 feed features that every angler should know:

1. Physical appearance

There are a few essential physical-pellet-quality criteria in the winter period, like water stability and pellet firmness. For a high catch success rate, angling feeds need to consist of water-stable and palatable pellets so that the fish have time to find them. The shape of the pellet is also crucial, as it tempts the fish to take a bite.

2. Insect meal

Insect meal is a natural, sustainable and performant protein source, close to carp’s natural food source. It is intensely attractive, has a strong, distinctive, savoury aroma and presents the fish with a unique appetite-stimulating natural profile, making it perfect for angling.

Insect meal is also more than just a great protein source; it is sustainable too. Its production has a very low carbon footprint. Its use also takes the strain off of depleting fishmeal and fish oil stocks that are traditionally used in feed formulation, benefitting the aquaculture industry as a whole.

3. Wheat germ: for cold periods

During the winter months and early spring, angling can be more challenging. While many often simply give up during these tougher months, you, as an avid angler, will not let the low temperatures hold you back from doing what you love the most.

Digestibility is a key aspect for effective angling feeds during the colder months of the year. Wheat germ is a protein source known for its superb digestibility. This is the reproductive part of the wheat, which has the highest nutritional value of the kernel, rich in Vitamin E and B. Inclusion of wheat germ makes the pellet highly nutritious and digestible, offering significant protein and mineral content.

4. Refusal prevention: match the hatch

All anglers know that you learn something from every fish you catch but learn more from every fish you miss. And there are sure to be times when you learn a lot! This is even true for experienced or professional anglers; sometimes, you can see the fish swimming and jumping, but they are just not biting.

You need to be smart to outperform the fish. There are many reasons why you can see them jumping but not wanting to bite on your enticing bait, such as:

- The area is overfished
- Fish can smell human scent
- You are not fishing shallower/deeper water

Let us also not forget that a carp is an omnivore and spends its time eating a variety of food like worms and insect larvae. Because of this, the fish only feed on angler’s pellets to supplement their diet. If they are finding more desirable food from natural sources, they will not bother going for the bait.

To help prevent this natural refusal, you must use feed that is as enticing to the fish as what they can get in nature.

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You can't beat nature!

With these criteria in mind, Alltech Coppens has developed NATIVE, a feed formulated close to nature, imitating carp’s natural food source. NATIVE pellets come in three sizes and mimic a natural food source — insect larvae — to attract the fish and allow them to eat with confidence.

The pellets can be catapulted into the water, pressed into a feeder, banded to your hook, run through a pellet pump or soaked, giving them a unique rubbery structure, perfect to be hooked and fished with.

Prepare your expander pellets using a pump!

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Check out the rubberiness!

Expander pellets float if they come straight from the bag. To turn them into softer, sinking pellets and give them the unique rubberiness needed to catch carp, bream, tench and crucian carp, you must prepare them using a pellet pump.

The pellet pump removes air from the pellets, replacing it with water, making them sink. The pumped or soaked pellets are strong enough to stay securely on the hook for a long time yet are soft enough to pull off the hook when tightening into a fish.

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Naturally attractive

NATIVE is formulated with insect meal, making it naturally attractive to carp and better for the environment. The pellets also contain a high wheat germ level, making them highly digestible and an excellent product for winter and year-round use. Combining optimal form, palatability and digestibility, NATIVE is the perfect feed for diminishing refusal and achieving a high catch rate.

Your feed for successful fishing trips!

Key features

  • NATIVE is a larval-shaped pellet
  • Contains insect meal, which is naturally present in the daily diet of carp
  • Natural colours
  • Close to natural food of carp — prevents refusals and maintains a high success rate
  • High level of wheat germ makes it suitable for fishing during colder periods and all year round

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