• Flavoured with insect meal
  • Includes a prebiotic fibre
  • Highly digestible
  • Supports a high vitality
  • Clay Clay
  • Floating Floating
  • Hookable Hookable
  • Insect meal Flavoured with insect meal
  • Omega 3 Omega-3
  • Prebiotica Prebiotic


Size Protein Fat Crude fibre Ash Total P Astaxanthin
4.0 mm 45% 12.0% 2.8% 11.3% 20

The NATIVE pellets can be run through a pellet pump or soaked to give them a unique rubbery structure, enabling them to be hooked and fished with. The pumped or soaked pellets are strong enough to stay securely on the hook for a long time, yet are soft enough to pull off the hook when tightening into a fish. The pellets’ unique larvae shape and insect-meal makeup closely mimic natural food sources in form, smell and taste. These characteristics promote successful long-term use of this pellet.

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