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Our continued commitment to tailoring nutrition and health programmes allows fish farmers to achieve a better feed efficiency. That’s why we introduce the NET ENERGY concept.


All animal feeds contain a certain amount of energy, which is mainly derived from protein, fat and carbohydrates. This dietary energy has been used as a predictor for growth in feed formulation for years, but when a feed is eaten by the fish, some of this energy is not digested and therefore not available to the fish. Of this digestible energy, again a part is lost as the result of metabolism. The energy which is available in the end for maintenance and growth of the fish is called net energy.


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Alltech Coppens has already started to implement this net energy approach in feed evaluation for some trout feeds where the utilisation efficiency of the different macronutrients are accounted for as well. Implications of the use of this net energy approach are that the crude analytical values of these products can deviate slightly between batches while keeping the same level of net energy, leading to constant performance. We believe that with the use of this net energy approach we can make the next step in aquafeed evaluation.

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