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2018 06 10 Alltech Coppens 11

Alltech Coppens

Now known as Alltech Coppens, we caught up with Patrick Charlton, CEO of Alltech Coppens, to find out more about this new development.

For Coppens International, which was welcomed into the Alltech family of companies on June 6, 2016, its 25th anniversary this month will be a celebration of past achievements as well as looking to the future. Now known as Alltech Coppens, we caught up with Patrick Charlton, CEO of Alltech Coppens, to find out more about this new development.

“It’s a very exciting time for me and the team here at Alltech Coppens,” notes Patrick. “The team welcomed me a little over two years ago, and I know more about fish these days than I thought I’d ever know!”

The company develops and produces a wide portfolio of specialist fish feed. Originally established 25 years ago as Coppens International, the company is recognized in particular for its high-quality starter feed for a broad range of fish species, including sturgeon, trout, catfish, eel, tilapia and carp. Exporting to more than 60 countries worldwide, Coppens International had been successful in its own right for many years, but as a relatively small operator, further growth and expansion was a challenge.

“Alltech provided the growth solution to Coppens International when we came together two years ago,” says Patrick. “Coppens offered Alltech a tremendous platform, and since 2016, we have been evolving the Alltech technologies within Coppens products to optimize the value of the feeds.

“In fact, I believe Alltech Coppens is the first feed nutrition company to replace all inorganic minerals thanks to our inclusion of Alltech’s Bioplex® range of chelated organic trace minerals into our feed,” he continues. “Our aim has always been to grow the Coppens business to become a part of Alltech’s global footprint and expand the brand by entering more markets and developing specialist feed for more fish species.”

This rebrand is a natural next step and one that aims to optimize on future growth opportunities, explains Patrick.

A natural next step

“Since the acquisition, our goal has been to establish Coppens International as the cornerstone of Alltech’s global aquaculture business. By becoming Alltech Coppens, we not only retain 25 years of history and reputation — we also move forward to ensure we are more relevant globally to our customers and the wider industry. Alltech Coppens is a solid platform on which we can grow our aqua nutrition business in the years to come.”

They say that if you stand still, you fail. That cannot be said of the team at Coppens.

“We have a very strong reputation in the market,” says Patrick. “This rebrand to Alltech Coppens is very much a natural progression. Since 2016, our teams have worked together, combining our respective specialist skills to deliver the very latest innovative aquaculture feeds directly to producers across the globe. This mission shall very much continue under the Alltech Coppens brand.”

Alltech Coppens reflects the company’s position as a global leader in nutritional solutions for aquaculture. The Alltech name strengthens relationships with global aquaculture customers. Alltech has invested heavily in Coppens during the past two years with the expansion of the Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre and the installation of a third extruder at the site. These investments were necessary not only to meet customer demands for more products and technology, but also to provide the team at Alltech Coppens increased production capacity. These investments have also allowed the team to expand into new markets such as Norway, the U.S., Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey as well as exciting collaboration work in Brazil.

“We have demonstrated our commitment to the aquaculture industry, and our customers can continue to expect further dedication now that we are Alltech Coppens,” says Patrick.

Headquartered in Helmond, the Netherlands, with a research center in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands, and production in Nettetal, Germany, this is indeed an exciting time for the Alltech Coppens team.