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Alltech Coppens Plant 039

Hooked on nutrition

Proper feed selection can play a large role in fish health and performance. Over the last years, fish farmers have implemented a number of new technologies to address the developments within the rapidly growing food market.


However, the food industry continues to face a developing issue; diseases. Progress has been made in the field of disease control and prevention, but unfortunately, the problem with the development are the differences that can cause the disease to occur. These can be pathogens - bacterial, viral and parasitic. This is why it’s very difficult to vaccinate every fish.

The cause of these sub-optimal conditions can often be deduced from the diet. The Mediterranean diet is therefore recommended to help prevent disease in humans. The reason for this is that this diet is rich in essential nutrients such as omega-3, minerals, vitamins and proteins. These nutrients are therefore essential to support the health and well-being of the fish.

Alltech Coppens Plant 039

Tailored nutritional solutions

Minerals are the reserve for animals in a stressful situation, fish use this reserve to prevent damage. The maintenance of healthy intestines contributes to an optimal absorption of nutrients that leads to both better performance and better growth.

We at Alltech Coppens are the leading developer and producer of fish pellets. In order to develop the feed as accurately as possible, we carry out digestion tests on our feed formulation to understand what raw materials are required to add to our feeds.