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Nutritional solution for fish

Wide range of perfectly formulated, highly nutritional starter diets.


Alltech Coppens, the specialist in RAS feeds, has over 25 years of experience in the aquaculture industry, invests heavily in research and continues to put a greater focus on its wide range of perfectly formulated, highly nutritional starter diets. This master feeding line for fish hatcheries consists of feeds like TOP, ADVANCE and NOBLESSE, that each meets the nutritional requirements of the larvae during every stage of the hatchery cycle. 

ADVANCE                                                                TOP                                                            NOBLESSE 


Boosting natural defence

Included in all feeds produced by Alltech Coppens is a premix known as Aquate®, developed by Alltech, a leader in innovative nutritional technologies. The main barriers of the fish defence system are the skin, gills and the gastrointestinal tract. The external physical barriers are supported nutritionally. Optimal inclusion levels of Aquate® will support the intestinal microflora, gut morphology, immune system and nutrient uptake for optimal performance and welfare. These inclusion levels will also result in a healthy digestive system and nutrient absorption and utilisation. This results in healthier fish, and even lower faeces production and less pollution in the systems and the environment.