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Alltech Coppens Plant 009

Triple confirmation of excellence!

In 2018, Sparsholt college (UK) carried out an independent trial to compare our carp feeds to a competitor feed that uses Distillers Grains (DDGS) as a main protein source. This institute came to the same conclusion as in trials carried out in 2014, 2016 and 2017, that our feeds bring more value for your money against competitor diets. This is the second independent Sparsholt trial (2014) that also showed the negative effect of using Distillers Grain diets over high performance Alltech Coppens feeds.

Sparsholt College 2018 - Comparative study
Compared three of our feeds, the INTENSIV, PREMIUM SELECT and PRIME-18 to a competitor feed that uses Distillers Grains as a major protein source to reduce the cost of the feed. Distillers Grains are a waste by product of the brewing industry and a cheap source of poor quality protein. 180 carp at a weight of 14-18 gram were used in the trial, and per diet 45 fish (3 x 15 fish per tank) were fed for 5 weeks at a feed rate of 3,74% biomass/day. Temperatures were between 19.5-21.5oC. This test was performed in triplicate to ensure reliability of the results.

This trial clearly shows that it is worth investing in higher quality feeds. Every single Alltech Coppens feed tested in this trial performs better in feed conversion ratio (FCR), specific growth rate (SGR) and weight gain in comparison to the competitor. This translates in overall better performance seen with Alltech Coppens feeds, resulting in a lower cost per kg of fish produced, even though the competitors feed is significantly less expensive because it uses cheaper, lower quality protein.

This trial also proves that the protein sources used in Alltech Coppens feeds are of higher quality than the competitors’. By looking at the protein retention, which is the % of proteins fed that are actually used by the fish to build muscle, it is clear that the carp can use the fed proteins more efficiently for growth when using Alltech Coppens feeds. Another conclusion to be made, is that the Alltech Coppens feeds will be less polluting for your ponds and fisheries. Since lower FCR’s are noticed in all Alltech Coppens feeds, which means 1 kg of feed is digested more efficiently, a lower amount of faeces is expected to be produced in your systems. This results in lower amounts of suspended solids and organic matter in the water, reducing the chance of gill and health problems.

DietsSGRFCRProtein/Fat %
Weight Gain (g)Protein RetentionFeed price/ton
Price per kg carp
Prime-182,37%1,2342/1820,6434%1004 GBP/ton£1,23
Intensiv2,20%1,3040/1018,833%1004 GBP/ton£1,30
Premium Sect2,26%1,2934/1518,8739%1004 GBP/ton£1,29
Distillers Grain1,96%1,4737/1215,7131%900 GBP/ton£1,32

Carp Trial Sparsholt

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