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Sustainability Report Cover

Alltech Coppens releases sustainability report and progress of working toward a Planet of Plenty™

[HELMOND, Netherlands] – Alltech Coppens, a global specialist in developing, producing and marketing fish feed and nutrition solutions, has published its sustainability report, an overview of the company’s commitment to sustainability, in conjunction with the United Nations World Environment Day on June 5.

To protect the sustainability of our planet and continue to supply nutritious food for the world's population, global animal health and nutrition company Alltech is focused on working together for a Planet of Plenty™ and has committed to nine of to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a subsidiary of Alltech and a specialist in fish feed, Alltech Coppens has prioritised the SDGs of Life Below Water, Climate Action and Quality Education, and the report highlights how the company is researching, developing and commercialising better alternatives and working with partners around the world on improving sustainable developments in the aquaculture industry.

“This report demonstrates Alltech Coppens’ journey toward a Planet of Plenty in responsible management of the world’s resources and our ambition for food for all, a safe environment, animals and plants for future generations,” said Ronald Faber, CEO and global aqua lead at Alltech Coppens. “Through careful management of resources, science and partnering with our customers, we can contribute to a sustainable aquaculture industry.”

Alltech Coppens strives to positively impact the market in which it operates, and sustainability is embedded in the business strategy. This includes ambitions for the future, such as zero waste emissions throughout the lifecycle of fish feed by 2030, zero CO2 emissions throughout the product life cycle through an uncompromising pursuit of energy saving and utilisation of renewable energy to achieve a carbon-free society by 2050.


“Sustainability is at the heart of our company, and this report is a commitment to building a more sustainable future,” said Guido Crolla, procurement manager at Alltech Coppens

The report also includes a section on materiality and supplier assessments, which extend beyond regulations and quality standards. It also outlines the company’s firm belief that a sustainability strategy is a corporate strategy and sustainability issues are business issues. Reflecting this commitment to sustainability, Alltech Coppens has created a Planet of Plenty sustainability team consisting of members from several departments, reporting directly to Ronald Faber. The goals, actions and achievements are clearly established as the team continues to work together for a Planet of Plenty.

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