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Back to Nature!


Midori Elemets

Midori is a complete floating feed with a high protein level to promote growth. Furthermore, it contains astaxanthin to support the rich colors in your koi. The Midori pellet has been produced in 3 different larvae shapes which stimulate the natural feeding pattern of the koi.

Stunning results in growth, performance and health! The importance of R&D and the aim for the best quality feeds in Alltech Coppens, is reflected in the results of a six week Koi-feed benchmark.

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A feed that is specifically designed for Japanese koi and truly emphasizes the sustainability we all care about. The feed is called MIDORI – translated “green” in Japanese - and refers to our back to nature concept that aims to lower the carbon footprint of our products. Following take away features are proof of our sustainable commitment:

Back to Nature

  • Uses insect meal made of the black soldier fly, making it the first in its market
  • Contains Aquate™
  • Larvae shaped pellet
  • Highly sustainable
  • Vibrant colors
  • Effective growth