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What factors are really important for success in Spring?

When spring begins and the days get longer and longer, most feed anglers start to tickle again. The rods have been in the barn long enough, so it is time to visit the waterfront.

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However, the fish still lives in very cold water and is hardly active.

How can we make the best start of the feeder season? And what factors are really important for success in Spring? Small enclosed waters will heat up first, making the fish there the fastest active. The smaller and shallower the water, the earlier the fish will start with foraging. Your first feeding session on a clear pond is therefore a good start of your season.

Seek the sun!

The small mass of water heats up quickly, so the fish will actively look for food. On small waters it is important to look at the influence of the sun on the water. Often the side with the most sunshine is the most productive; on small waters the difference in temperature can easily rise to a few degrees.

Whether you choose large or small areas of water, we will have to work a little harder in the spring to catch fish. The fish is not swimming around actively and continues to wander around in a small area. Waiting for the fish to come to you can be a very patient activity. It is better to fish actively, don't be afraid to move to another place when a spot stays quiet for a long time. For that reason It is better to use your pellet feeder and feed small amounts.

Try out different places and record the exact spot where find active fish and where you catch. It is better to work actively with the little bait that you can transport in your feeder. In the spring a lot of feeding is not necessary and it even works counterproductive. The fish is still cold and sluggish and saves energy, which also does not need to be immediately supplemented with our feed.