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Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre

Alltech Coppens has its own research centre called Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre (ACAC). The ACAC is the Netherlands' only research centre that carries out practical and applicable research within the field of aquaculture. In the past fifteen years, the ACAC has carried out hundreds of studies.

Our R&D Team includes members of several departments at Alltech Coppens. Alongside ensuring quality, this structure also means that the importance and integrity of carrying out research is reflected with regards to the organization as a whole.

The centre carries out research in the following domains

  • The development of new products and the improvement of existing ones
  • The development of substitute raw materials for fishmeal and fish oil
  • The digestive functions and energy metabolism of the fish
  • Materials and additives
  • The optimal feed level
  • The performance and requirements of different fish species
Vision And Aims

Vision and aims

The questions and needs of our customers are central to our R&D Team's activities. As we place great importance on research, we ensure that it is well organized and effectively integrated into overall business operations. This approach means we are able to cater to all market demands.

Most important topic and goals achieved

Fishmeal and fish oil are important elements of fish feed. However, given the increasing price and scarcity of these two materials, Alltech Coppens places its focus on reducing the proportion of fishmeal and fish oil in fish feed. The basic principle is to develop products that will entirely replace these materials in the future, so that we can produce fish feed as sustainably as possible.

Research Approach

The research carried out at Alltech Coppens is based on the four Ps.


If fish do not take to the food, this will stymie growth and performance.


Tasty feeds must perform well, i.e. they must generate healthy growth and ensure efficient feed utilization. This is a decisive factor in fish farmers' profits.

Pollution Control

Fish swim in their own faeces. To keep the fish healthy and performing, it is crucial that this type of pollution be as low as possible.


While it was once seen as a luxury to produce, buy or use sustainable products, it is now a necessity if we want to stabilise the negative effect of our industry on the planet.

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