Insect Prime partnership between Alltech Coppens Innovafeed
The first insect-based feed for angling

Insect Prime

[HELMOND, Netherlands] – Alltech Coppens and InnovaFeed are pleased to announce their collaboration in developing Insect Prime, a new pellet for carp fishing that entirely replaces fishmeal with insect meal. Insect meal is a natural, sustainable, high-performing protein source, similar to carp’s natural food source.

With a strong, distinctive aroma, it presents the fish with a unique appetite-stimulating natural profile, allowing fishermen to practise their sport with a low environmental impact product. Insect meal produces up to 80% less CO2 than fishmeal and is a positive alternative to depleting fishmeal and fish oil stocks that are traditionally used in feed formulation.

“Alltech Coppens has started the journey to reduce the environmental impact of emissions related to fish feed. We have conducted extensive research on alternative protein sources and the use of feed ingredients,” said Guido Crolla, procurement manager at Alltech Coppens. “This partnership with InnovaFeed is another step forward in our journey.”

InnovaFeed is a leading insect producer for animal and plant nutrition. Andrew Richardson, aqua manager at InnovaFeed, specifies, “Hermetia Illucens, the insects we breed, have been successfully integrated into the formulation of several diets in aquaculture, demonstrating high palatability. As a natural, sustainable alternative to other ingredients, they have a high potential in sport fishing”.

Alltech Coppens is driven to see their customers succeed, from fish farmers to anglers. They are proud to sponsor both the male and female French national angling teams with Insect Prime, integrating InnovaFeed’s insect protein.

“We work together with the national French angling teams to develop the best feed formulation to suit their needs for carp fishing,” said Ruben Groot, team leader of quality and nutrition at Alltech Coppens. “We will provide them with the new Insect Prime during the World Angling Championships, and soon these pellets will be made available to all fishermen.”