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Step inside the Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre

Discover the newest digestibility system

The newest expansion provides us with insights into raw materials that are best suitable for inclusion within our fish feeds.

Join us!

We take this opportunity to invite you to the virtual opening of the world-class research expansion — the next-generation digestibility system — on September 29, at 2:00 PM CEST.

Alltech Coppens opens a new and specialised facility for digestibility and growth trials that is applicable for trout, catfish and many other species.

The expansion increases the digestibility research facility by 50%, which will serve to expand the company’s capacity for product development and aquaculture industry solutions. This expansion emphasises our focus on feed quality and reinforces the Alltech Coppens 4 Pillars of Excellence in fish nutrition — Palatability, Performance, Pollution Control, and Planet.


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4 Pillars of fish nutrition

Alltech Coppens has developed a method of quantifying quality indicators, such as growth, FCR, water quality and carbon footprint, by categorising them within the 4 Pillars of fish nutrition — Palatability, Performance, Pollution Control and Planet. Philip Lyons, global manager aquaculture research, explains how the pillar concept drives feed innovation.


Insights from a catfish farmer

Frank Foolen, a catfish farmer in the Netherlands, gives insights into farming claresse and the importance of digestible feeds. Claresse is a hybrid that originates from a natural cross between two fish sorts from the European catfish family, sustainably farmed in a RAS.


The future of applied research

The newly expanded research centre represents the cornerstone of Alltech’s commitment to aquaculture and broadens the spectrum of research. Robin Biermann, manager Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre, discusses the advantages of the new expansion to the ACAC and the importance of these developments for farmers, now and in the future.